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This knife I named after a topo map which I take with me every time I go hiking. The primary feature of a topographic map are the contour lines. Reading topographic maps for wilderness adventure, research, survival, and navigation are critical. If you enter the wilderness, at some point or another, you’ll be required to read a topographic map (often called topo maps). 


  • OAL: 10-3/16" (25.8cm)
  • Blade cutting edge: 4-1/8" (10.4cm)
  • Grind type: Hollow
  • Blade thickness: 0.265" (6.7mm), tapered tang
  • Scraper length: 0.875" (2.2cm)
  • Lanyard hole DIA: 11/32" (8.7mm)
  • Blade steel: CPM S35VN
  • Bolster steel: 304 stainless steel
  • Pins: 304 stainless steel, 1/8" DIA (3.1mm)
  • Finish: Glass-bead blast
  • Handle Scales: Desert Ironwood. HRC 59
  • Sheath: Included, see SHEATH OPTIONS
WARNING: Blades can be extremely dangerous. Impact or any contact upon a person with these products may cause INJURY, MAIMING, DISABILITY AND/OR DEATH. Purchaser hereby assumes ALL RISK OF INJURY. These products must be kept out of reach of CHILDREN. Radelow Blades waives all responsibility for the misuse of these products. Users are responsible for abiding by the laws and regulations of their individual state or country as they pertain to these blades. 

    Radelow Blades is honored to continue a tradition of “Made in America”.

    Refined to meet higher-quality standards, we make our tools and knives from high-grade materials. Radelow Blades only uses steels from countries with rich histories in metallurgy in the creation of our blades. Some examples are: the United States, Germany, Japan, and Sweden.

    Radelow Blade steel is thicker and more resilient than 90% of blades on the market. Our parts fit precisely because our surfaces are ground and machined accurately. Talented and experienced handwork goes into the final fit and finish of each blade.

    Every knife and RADHAWK is marked with a serial number. This serial number identifies the country in which the piece was made, followed by the month, year, type of steel—

    Radelow Blades are not mass produced.