“My ultimate goal is to be constantly evolving as an artist and bring the finest craftsmanship to all of my creations.” —Aaron Radelow

Aaron Radelow has been working with quality hand tools for nearly thirty years. As a master furniture maker and avid outdoorsman, Radelow initially wanted to make a many-faceted tool that could benefit him in a multitude of environments. Unable to bring himself to purchase “just anything,” he decided to figure out how to make this high-quality tool on his own.

After studying many weapons from world history, Radelow settled on a modern design for a tomahawk. Taking ample time to assess and decide on ergonomics, materials, finishes, and value-adding ideas, he created his design, and the RADHAWK was born.

Soon after he created the plywood prototype, several of his retired military buddies bombarded him with encouragement to make his tools available to the world. Radelow began studying knives and other weapons from world history to develop his product line. He founded Radelow Blades in 2017.

Being of German and Hungarian descent, cutting tools like knives, swords, and axes have always been in Radelow’s blood. Radelow lives in San Diego, California and is passionate about the outdoors, especially fishing and spearfishing, camping, surfing, hiking, mountain biking, and off-roading.